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The European Valuers’ Alliance is composed of Europe’s leading real estate valuation companies, all working together as a network to offer a reliable, consistent valuation service right across the continent.

In total, it includes more than 250 professional valuers, who, during the course of 2017, carried out approximately 50,000 instructions with a total value of over €350 billion.


Our valuers have to meet the highest professional standards to become members, which, in practice, means either being regulated by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, approved by HypZert (or an equivalent local organisation), or having internal procedures that are ISO9001 compliant.

We also insist that members must have a rigorous control procedure in place to be certain that those standards will 
be maintained.


When we select members, the size of a company is not a factor, but rather their demonstrable expertise in local markets and the quality of the service they provide.

When these individual companies operate together under our brand, their close cooperation offers our clients intimate local knowledge combined with European best practice and vision. So, you can expect to enjoy the same level of service you would usually find locally, but on a European scale.

about us

We are a Europe-wide network of commercial and residential real estate valuation specialists, offering our clients leading local professionals in each core European market. This means our clients will enjoy the same level of service and local knowledge right across Europe from perhaps the largest number of specialists in niche sectors on the continent.

8 leading valuation companies
Operating in 11 countries across Europe
More than 250 professionals in over 40 offices
More than 350€ BN of property of all types valued each year
We value all types of property
our reach

Eight leading valuation companies offering local knowledge across 11 European countries.


Belgium & Luxembourg

Philippe Janssens and Paul De Wael founded Stadim in 1996, later joined by Céline Janssens. Together they brought many years of knowledge and experience in analysis of real estate in Belgium and Luxembourg to the company.

Today Stadim is a multidisciplinary team of 20+ professionals offering services including valuation, feasibility studies, consultancy on optimisation of real estate portfolios, estimation of rental value, advice on usufruct, long leasehold and concessions, often basing advice on their detailed database covering over 65 years of real estate transactions. Stadim advises and assists investors, funds (RRECs, AIV,..), companies, financial institutions and governments and values all types of real estate for the Belux -such as office space, retail, residential, logistics and industry, healthcare real estate, air- & seaports,…- with a strong emphasis on market potential.


Céline Janssens

D:   +32 3 286 81 20

Crédit Foncier Immobilier Expertise


Crédit Foncier Immobilier is one of France’s market- leading valuers, with, as its name suggests, unparalleled expertise in real estate. It has offices in 15 French cities, with 86 certified valuers (12 RICS, 17 REV and 2 HypZert), including teams specialising in the valuation of offices, retail, logistics, residential and trading properties.

Offering services to clients including major landlords, corporates, real estate professionals and individuals, in 2017, it carried out 17,000 valuations, totalling more than €150 billion in assets.


James Naftalin

D:   +33 1 57 44 86 26



wholly-owned subsidiary of Commerzbank Group, KENSTONE Real Estate Valuers provides independent, objective valuation services with 70 experts in 7 offices in all major cities across Germany. Its teams use their unrivalled knowledge of local markets, allied to KENSTONE’s research database, to offer investors and bankers all the resources they need to assess the potential rewards and risks of real estate in Germany and come to a fully informed decision on whether an investment is right for them.


Martinus Kurth

D:   +49 (30) 2653 2070

Property Value Consultants


Property Value Consultants offer solid advice, based on over 20 years of experience, knowledge and data. Based in Deventer they have become one of the most respected players in commercial real estate throughout The Netherlands. That national coverage is combined with intimate regional knowledge of local markets that comes from premium business partners, all members of NVM, registered with the NRVT and certified by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

They offer independent and objective appraisals of all types of real estate, from retail, offices, business premises and residential complexes to petrol stations, hotels and car parks.


Jef Folkers

D:   +31 (6) 23064582

MJ Group International

Spain, Portugal & Italy

Starting in 2006, MJ Group has grown fast to become the independent property valuation provider of choice for over 50 national and international banks and lending institutions. It has a family-like structure and a culture rooted in strong ethical and moral values which, coupled with high-level content and market intelligence, has allowed MJ Group to set a benchmark for best practice and industry standards.


Robert Cohen

D:   +44 0 7956 803 327

Forum Fastighetsekonomi


Forum Fastighetsekonomi (Real Estate Economics) is one of Sweden’s leading real estate valuation and market- analysing companies. Established in 1990, it’s owned by several of its own 35 consultants. Most of those consultants hold the Swedish Certification for Valuation while some are also members of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Forum has nine offices across Sweden, with its head office in Stockholm. The company systematically monitors the whole Swedish property market across 115 cities, using this information to provide regular reports to clients on subjects including yields, market rent levels and vacancy rates. Their client list cuts across sectors, taking in listed and private property companies, insurance companies, banks, international investors, municipalities and government agencies.


Victoria Tatti

D:   +46 21-66 55 315



In business in Switzerland since 1985, Wüest Partner is an independent, owner-managed consulting company. As such, they can offer entirely impartial expertise on a wide range of real estate services including advice, valuations, applications, data and publications. Focused on the property and construction markets, together with related strategic and development areas, its core business is advising clients investing in, managing, developing and financing properties, land and sites.

With its interdisciplinary team of approximately 150 consultants working in the Zurich, Geneva, Bern and Lugano offices, the company has an impressive skill base and many years of experience to build on.


Jan Bärthel

D:   +41 44 289 91 62


United Kingdom

Established in 1765, Cluttons was one of the early pioneers of surveying and has, over the last 250 years, been instrumental in shaping modern professional practice and new working methodologies. Today, the spirit of innovation continues through their work at the forefront of new industries like telecommunications.

Cluttons is a property consultancy offering an exceptional depth of property knowledge from a diverse group of experts, with a focus on delivering commercial results for its clients.

Their head office is in London, England, and they employ over 250 staff through a network of offices in the UK, providing a wide range of commercial and residential property services, including asset management, valuation, corporate services, telecoms and consultancy.

They offer a full and integrated valuation service on both residential and commercial properties to their clients, who include pension funds, banks, property companies, private investors and trusts, corporates, charities and owner occupiers.


Richard Moss

D:   +44 20 7647 7226

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James is Head of International at Crédit Foncier Immobilier Expertise and Chairman of EVA. He has wide experience in property valuations and acquisitions right across Europe.

Please contact him if you have any queries about EVA.

James Naftalin,


M:   +33 6 98 80 96 15